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Treating Addiction and Bipolar Disorder Near Toms River

You aren’t alone if you use alcohol or drugs to manage bipolar disorder, and you are entitled to the best in treatment to move past your addiction. Evolve provides skilled, unbiased rehab services for patients struggling with bipolar disorder and addiction near Toms River. Our modern rehab facility is the right place to begin working through the causes of your drug or alcohol use, and that includes co-occurring disorders. Reach out to us at 732-629-9672 and start your rehab today.

We Help You Escape The Pattern Of Self-medication

When you have bipolar disorder, your shift in mood and energy can have an impact on your mental health and life in general. While alcohol and drugs lessen bipolar symptoms for a short time, they also amplify them. As you continue to use substances for additional relief, you'll need a bigger dose to achieve the effect you want. This produces a harmful habit of self-medication that can turn into addiction quickly.

It’s rough and dangerous to halt this cycle on your own. At Evolve Recovery Center Toms River, we treat substance use and co-occurring disorders to address the source of your addiction. By understanding the cause of your substance use, you’ll undergo a more productive rehab. Dial 732-629-9672 today to start your lpersonalized rehab and address your bipolar disorder. Evolve is standing by to help.

How Evolve Treats Bipolar Disorder And Addiction Near Toms River

Rehab is a critical step for addiction recovery. Evolve Recovery Center Toms River provides comprehensive rehab care that treats the underlying disorders that prompt substance use. When you depart our rehab facility, you will be more prepared to live a sober life with bipolar disorder.

We use only demonstrated treatments at Evolve. When you get here, you will undergo an evaluation that lets us understand your medical history and conditions. From there, we give you a plan of treatment tailored to your exact situation. If you need medical support for post-acute withdrawal, our highly-trained clinicians will deliver safe, evidence-based treatments. We will also work with you to determine medication to manage your bipolar symptoms. We are driven to help you feel better so you can work on overcoming your addiction.

Bipolar and substance use disorders are consequential mental conditions. In conjunction with medication, we provide various forms of therapy to improve your mental state. In one-on-one therapy, you’ll consult with a credentialed therapist in total confidentiality. In group meetings, you’ll talk about the struggles of having bipolar and substance use disorders with peers who understand your experience directly.

This blend of therapies will help you begin to manage the mental facet of substance use and bipolar disorders. With consistent therapy, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Analyze the link between your bipolar and substance use
  • Learn how to manage and adjust to your bipolar disorder in constructive ways
  • See how to resist the compulsion to use drugs or alcohol
  • Develop beneficial coping skills
  • Identify and change unhelpful patterns of behavior and thinking

Our goal at Evolve is to build you up physically and mentally so you can return home and refrain from using dependency-causing substances. If you’re at risk for relapsing after detoxing, call us at 732-629-9672 for prompt assistance.

Why Come To Evolve Recovery Center Toms River For Bipolar And Addiction Rehab?

You can’t battle substance addiction on your own. Evolve Recovery Center Toms River is here to help. We aim to give you all you need to prevent relapse and progress toward enduring recovery. From the moment you contact us, we focus on your needs. Our experienced team of therapists and staff members strive to provide adept support in a serene environment that lets you begin to recover from bipolar and addiction in Toms River.

Just some of the ways we assist you on your addiction recovery journey include:

  • Evidence-based psychotherapy and medical care personalized to you
  • A structured, drug and alcohol-free living environment
  • A tidy, furnished bedroom with your own bath
  • Resident exercise space, lounges, and fun activities
  • Wholesome, chef-prepared meals, snacks, and drinks
  • Support for billing and insurance questions
  • Total confidentiality and patient privacy
  • Courteous, kind support
  • Guidance with aftercare planning

If you require rehab services for drug or alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders, contact 732-629-9672 for prompt support. Evolve is prepared to help you right now or provide information about our rehab approach for bipolar disorder and addiction Toms River.

Get Rehab Services For Bipolar Disorder And Addiction Near Toms River

You have a right to quality rehab treatment for addiction and bipolar disorder. If Evolve sounds like the ideal fit for you, contact us at 732-629-9672 or via the form on this page. A member of our staff will reply right away, no matter the time of day. We are here to help you now.