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Cocaine Addiction Rehab Near Toms River

Cocaine may come into your life in many forms, as it can be smoked, injected, or snorted. A dependency on cocaine is often debilitating and will put your health, employment -- and even your life -- in peril. Making an attempt to overcome this addictive stimulant alone is hazardous. Rather, turn to Evolve’s cocaine rehab in Toms River for personalized, 24/7 help from licensed medical staff, and get help now.

How Do You Know If You Should Start Cocaine Rehab In Toms River?

Incredibly addictive and potentially deadly, cocaine is an illicit stimulant that continues to impact millions people. Our on-site cocaine rehab in Toms River can support adults who have gone through cocaine detox and who are seeking lasting recovery.

We are able to support those suffering from:

  • Frequent or casual use of cocaine in any form.
  • Constant compulsions to use cocaine
  • Withdrawal symptoms like depression and anxiety
  • Difficulty coping with outside factors that trigger use of cocaine
  • Constantly worrying about relapse
  • Co-occurring disorders that trigger your cocaine use

Even if you don't experience all the complications above, you should still find help when addicted to this highly destructive narcotic. If you are looking for detox, we'll find you a spot in a pleasant residential detox facility in Toms River.

How To Prepare For Cocaine Addiction Rehab In Toms River

Admitting there is an addiction and making the decision to get treatment is the first, and frequently the toughest, step in the recovery process. Once you’ve done this, there are a handful of other things to do prior to entering our cocaine addiction rehab in Toms River, such as:

  1. Plan leave from your job and cover family commitments. If you are looking for guidance on FMLA or need us to contact your HR department, we are happy to assist. Our professionals work with employers on a regular basis to ensure your rights and confidentiality are protected.
  2. Bring personal items and casual clothing. Be certain to pack enough clothes, shoes, and personal essentials for a minimum of ten days. Magazines and books are also great to have. Didn’t remember something? We’re here for you.
  3. Plan transportation. Be certain you are able to reach us safely, or simply reach out to us. We can schedule 24-hour transportation to and from Evolve Recovery Center Toms River.

Before intake, it’s smart to check out our admissions information, so you know what to expect.

How Long Will Cocaine Addiction Rehab Take?

All treatment plans at our cocaine addiction rehab in Toms River are personalized to accommodate your specific needs. Your exact plan could be different from other patients -- even those getting support for the same drug. We’ll propose a length for your program after your opening assessment, which will consider the following:

  • The extent of your cocaine use
  • Your physical condition
  • Presence of co-occurring disorders
  • Number of times in rehab

How you respond to treatment will also impact the duration of your care. For a starting point, you can plan to be in our care for two to four weeks, but extended programs up to 90 days are not unusual.

What To Expect From Cocaine Rehab in Toms River

Proper detox and on-site rehab will greatly boost your odds a positive recovery. We nurture your success through evidence-based therapies and the learning of coping skills to help you manage trauma and outside factors that trigger use. Together, we’ll delve into the underlying causes of addiction through various formats, such as:

Evolve Toms River understands your success is improved when you're comfortable. We provide for you with cozy bedrooms, peaceful community lounges, fitness center, nutritious meals, and access to drinks and snacks 24 hours.

Ways We Protect You Over The Course Of Cocaine Rehab in Toms River

The danger of trying to rehab from cocaine addiction alone is significant, and we work hard to keep you protected. You may still have compulsions to use, and you’re actually more vulnerable to accidental overdose after detoxing.

Our cocaine rehab in Toms River ensures your protection through:

  • A safe, controlled living center far from external stresses that trigger cocaine use
  • Well-trained staff available 24/7
  • Custom-tailored treatment plans to address your particular needs
  • Creation of aftercare plans to make sure your treatment continues when you move on to the next stage
  • Development of coping strategies to help manage your cocaine use
  • Strict patient privacy rules to guard your personal info and treatment details

Improve Your Life With Cocaine Addiction Rehab

Make the first move in your recovery by consulting with Evolve Recovery Center Toms River. Our cocaine addiction rehab assists you with empathetic, customized support to get you moving toward sobriety. Call 732-629-9672 or complete our form below. We’re ready to help at any time, seven days a week.