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Treating Depression And Addiction Near Toms River

Knowing why you started using substances can be just as vital as dealing with the addiction. One of the more common underlying causes is depression. If you've already taken action to detox from drugs or alcohol but require additional support, Evolve is here for you. Our services can examine your depression and drug or alcohol use disorders together. Call us at 732-629-9672 if you are struggling with depression and addiction near Toms River.

We Grasp The Link Between Depression And Addiction

Depression is difficult to detect, much less deal with. Those who are suffering might resort to mind-altering substances to deal with depression symptoms. Self-treating with addictive substances can lead to a vicious substance use/depression spiral.

As depression changes your mood and way of thinking, the euphoric effect of alcohol or drugs may offer some temporary relief. However, once those drugs wear off, depression's adverse emotions might increase. There’s an unending cycle like a broken record where you use and then feel worse, repeatedly. As your body's tolerances rise, it can take more alcohol or drugs to recapture the ecstatic feelings. In time addiction sets in, and depression and substance use may become life-threatening.

The Evolve Recovery Center Toms River specialists understand how you can easily fall into the spiral of depression/addiction. We also know that it isn't a pattern you can stop alone. When you’re ready for a helping hand to pull you out, reach out to us at 732-629-9672. We're prepared to help you, day or night.

How We Address Depression And Addiction Near Toms River

Professional treatment can stop the endless cycle of self-administering with dependency-causing substances. Our inviting inpatient rehab center gives you a safe, comfortable surrounding free from drug and alcohol use triggers until you’re ready to go back home.

At Evolve, you'll have 24/7 emotional and medical support for addiction and depression. Our clinicians know all about the physical and mental effects of withdrawal. We use proven methods for handling continual withdrawal symptoms and cravings. We aim to keep you relaxed and comfortable so you may move toward lasting recovery.

We'll also help you acquire the tools you need for successful recovery. If you are battling depression and addiction in Toms River, you should get support that deals with both issues. Evolve manages mental health and substance use disorders with evidence-based techniques directed by accredited practitioners. Here, you'll attend one-on-one and group therapy meetings each day to:

  • Learn more about substance use and depression
  • Investigate past trauma that caused your addiction and depression
  • Uncover unhealthy habits and thought process that trigger depression and substance use
  • Practice beneficial coping skills
  • Work on communication and interpersonal skills

By grasping the root causes of your substance use and depression, you’ll be able to work through complex feelings and learn how to keep your depression and addiction from dominating your life. While there is no “cure” for these disorders, the practitioners at Evolve can help you begin learning how to handle them so you may lead a happier life and stop using harmful substances permanently.

Why Choose Evolve Recovery Center Toms River For Treatment?

If you are looking for specialized care to help you stop the cycle of substance use and depression, Evolve Recovery Center Toms River is ready for you. We believe you are entitled to the best care and strive to supply that as long as you are here. As well as scientifically supported treatment administered by expert clinicians, at Evolve, you'll receive:

  • Individualized support adapted to your particular needs
  • A furnished room with a private bath
  • Wholesome, appetizing chef-made meals, snacks, and drinks
  • Fun leisure activities
  • Time to relax and recuperate
  • Strict patient privacy and confidentiality guidelines
  • Support for insurance and payment questions
  • Respectful care from empathetic professionals
  • Aftercare planning prior to your discharge

If you have questions in regards to our services or admission process, dial 732-629-9672 today to get the guidance you need. We want you to get the ideal treatment for your depression and addiction and are available whenever you’re set to start rehab.

Get Help For Depression And Addiction Near Toms River

You are entitled to support for both depression and substance use. Place a call to Evolve Recovery Center Toms River at 732-629-9672 or fill out the form on this page. A member of our staff will respond promptly, no matter the time or day. We'll give you more info about our services and help you find the support you need. We're here to help you today.