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Codeine Rehab near Toms River

Doctors may prescribe Codeine for a short period of time to treat minor pain or an ongoing cough. Even so, this opioid can become addictive and disruptive to your daily life. If you’re having trouble dealing with your codeine addiction, know that we are here for you at Evolve Recovery Center Toms River.

Evolve’s codeine rehab in Toms River uses a custom-designed treatment strategy while caring for you in a safe, controlled environment. We’ll help you develop the coping skills needed so you are able to move forward in life without codeine.

What Are Signs That You Need Codeine Rehab In Toms River?

Even though it’s frequently prescribed and easy to access as a pain pill and cough suppressant, codeine remains a potentially unsafe opiate that can cause addiction. Detox is often the first step, but you might also be in need of inpatient therapy for a successful recovery. You may gain from codeine rehab in Toms River if you have:

  • Compulsions to keep using codeine in your day-to-day life
  • Withdrawal symptoms like consistent stomach cramps, loss of appetite, or trouble sleeping
  • Problems coping in particular situations without codeine use
  • A need to increase your dose of codeine to get the same effects
  • Mental health disorders, like anxiety or depression, as a result of codeine use
  • An ongoing fear of falling into a relapse

Evolve’s residential care center offers a safe, inviting location to focus on your recovery. And If you still need to detox, our sister facility, Sunrise Detox Toms River, will be glad to assist.

What You Should Do To Prepare Yourself For Codeine Addiction Rehab near Toms River

If you’ve decided to start codeine addiction rehab near Toms River, you’ve already finished one of the most challenging steps in recovery. You now only have to handle a few more tasks in advance of arriving at our center, including:

  1. Arrange for leave from your job. Our team works with organizations on a daily basis to make sure that leave or FLMA is handled appropriately. We’re glad to speak with your HR department and help with all the mandatory paperwork.
  2. Think about childcare and family responsibilities. Make sure your children, furry friends, and other loved ones are accounted for. Please note, you can bring an emotional support animal (with approved identification) to Evolve to assist with your recovery.
  3. Plan for comfort and bring the right clothes. You should also bring personal care items for about 10 days. In the event you forget something, we’ll supply it for you! You will even have the opportunity to use laundry facilities during your stay.
  4. Plan for a ride or call to inquire about our 24/7 transportation service.

How Long Will Codeine Rehab Take?

Individualized support is the foremost consideration at Evolve. Keeping this in mind, the duration of your stay is contingent on your distinct set of circumstances. Our substance use professionals will recommend a set treatment length after an extensive appraisal that considers:

  • The degree of your codeine use and overall physical condition
  • How many times you’ve entered rehab
  • Condition of your mental health, considering any co-occurring disorders
  • Your response to your personal treatment plan

On average, you should anticipate a stay between two to four weeks -- although longer programs up to 90 days are common.

What To Expect From Codeine Rehab

Our codeine rehab in Toms River revolves around an individualized strategy to accommodate your specific situation. Our specialized clinicians assist you with evidence-based therapies and the development of valuable coping skills. You’ll benefit from:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Aftercare planning and goal setting
  • Peer support
  • Staff on site 24/7
  • Medication-assisted treatment as needed using Suboxone

We hold the belief that you have a greater chance of success when you’re at ease in a comfortable setting. This is why we accommodate you with:

  • Nicely furnished bedrooms with connected bathrooms
  • Relaxing lounge areas
  • Healthy meals and access to snacks and drinks throughout the day
  • Recreational opportunities, gym access, and time to relax between therapy

Ways We Ensure Your Safety During Codeine Rehab in Toms River

Getting you healthy is a motivating force behind our codeine rehab in Toms River. Detox is a proper first step to remove the substance from your body, but recovery doesn’t stop at that point. We keep you shielded and centered on your rehab with:

  • A structured setting free from forces that trigger codeine use
  • Availability of certified medical specialists around-the-clock
  • Personalized care that accounts for your unique requirements
  • A focus on learning valuable coping skills
  • Keeping strict patient privacy guidelines
  • Aftercare plans for ongoing outpatient treatment

If you’re set to move forward in your journey to sobriety, we are able to locate a suitable outpatient program for your ongoing recovery.

Request Help For Codeine Use Today

Addiction to an opioid like codeine is often debilitating and a challenge to get past. There’s no reason to struggle alone. Find help today at Evolve’s codeine rehab in Toms River. Contact us at 732-629-9672 or submit our form to talk with an expert. We’re ready to help you regardless of the time, 365 days a year.