Putting Family At The Forefront Of Addiction Recovery

You need all the support you can find if you or a loved one is working toward a sober way of life. Evolve Recovery Center is dedicated to assisting with valuable drug and alcohol rehab information for families in Toms River and providing your nearest and dearest the assistance they need.

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Alcohol And Drug Intervention In Toms River

Whenever someone grapples with substance use, it can have an effect on their friends and family as well. If it just so happens that a loved one still hasn’t gotten help, you could try an intervention to clarify how their disorder has an influence on all of the family and friends they love and the consequences of declining assistance.

Your friend or relation will be more receptive to treatment if you aid them in finding a reputable provider. Evolve Recovery Center is a credentialed alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility in Toms River. We assist you through inpatient substance use treatment after completing detox. If someone close to you is struggling with addiction, reach out to us. We can inform you of their treatment choices, how you can aid them, and the degree of assistance they need.

Our Treatment

a group therapy session at Evolve

Family Counseling For Addiction

Families usually are unprepared to assist a loved one going through addiction recovery. At Evolve Recovery Center Toms River, we help residents and family members gain an understanding of the roots of addiction and the strategies for prevailing over substance use cooperatively.

At Evolve, counselors help residents examine their unique family interplay and how they are influenced by substance use. We conduct therapy exercises to help strengthen family connections and change negative relationship patterns. This therapy also includes no less than one family counseling session that we may perform via telephone or by secure video conferencing. Together, families are able to rebuild trust and acquire additional skills to advance long-term sobriety.

Evolve’s Family Counseling Is Intended to Help You and Your Loved Ones:

    • Repair strained relationships
    • Understand the core origins of addiction
    • Assimilate coping tactics for a successful recovery

Things To Consider Regarding The Family’s Role During Rehab At Evolve Recovery Center

Evolve Recovery Center’s rehabilitation strategy incorporates family at the very beginning. After your loved one’s admittance to our facility, our staff reaches out to concerned family members to discuss the affect addiction has on your relationships. We can then provide resources, answer questions, and set expectations regarding your family member’s therapy.

Our intensive rehab program gives patients the ability to take leave from external factors and concentrate on recovery. What this means is we do not permit family visits. If you have someone close to you being cared for at Evolve, understand that our team is on-site around-the-clock to care for their needs. While they’re here, we urge families to look into additional support methods. And keep in mind, we are pleased to furnish alcohol and drug rehab information for families in Toms River.

When your relation completes rehab, our counselors send them on their way with a custom-tailored aftercare plan. This plan may help you gain an understanding of how to further support them and give them an enhanced probability for long-term recovery. And, of course, Evolve Toms River can still guide patients and their family long after they depart our facility.

Help A Family Member Find Help Today

If you’re looking for more alcohol or drug rehab information for families in Toms River, Evolve is ready to assist you. Start a free and private consultation with us right now. Dial 732-629-9672 or complete the form on this page, and we’ll reply right away, regardless of the time or day of the week.