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Stimulants Rehab Near Toms River

Some stimulants might help you feel invigorated and productive, but stimulant addiction will take over your life. If you’re battling stimulant addiction, Evolve Recovery Center Toms River can help. Our stimulants rehab center in Toms River offers a protected environment to receive inpatient treatment for addiction when you’re prepared to get your life back under control.

What Are Stimulants?

Stimulants are drugs that speed up your body and mind. As you take a stimulant, you will start feeling alert or jubilant. Common stimulants, including coffee, are taken every day with little negative impact. But stimulants are also synthesized to enhance their potency. These include:

  • Caffeine pills
  • Methylphenidates (Ritalin and Desoxyn)
  • Amphetamines (Adderall and meth)
  • EphedrineVyvanseDextroamphetamine (Dexedrine)
  • Cocaine (crack) 
  • Marijuana (Cannabis)
You can consume a stimulant by swallowing it, but they are also regularly snorted, smoked, or injected. Because the pleasurable effects are generally brief, processed stimulants have a great likelihood for overuse. Your body may also develop a tolerance for stimulants, which creates a need for more of the substance to get the same high. And the longer you take a stimulant, the more dependent you become.

How Can You Tell If You Need Stimulants Rehab In Toms River?

Stimulant addiction can make your life difficult. You might not understand how adverse things have gotten in the beginning. Still, you should get support if you:
  • Put using before work, loved ones, and hobbies
  • Take illegal stimulants on a regular basis
  • Encounter health issues like heart complications, lung and nasal damage, sores or skin inflammation, and dental issues from the use of stimulants
  • Endure anxiety, depression, paranoia, or psychosis from taking stimulants
  • Undergo symptoms of withdrawal or cravings during periods of abstinence
  • Consume more stimulants than anticipated 
  • Need more stimulants to feel high 
  • Have friends or family asking you to attend rehab
  • Haven’t had the ability to quit by yourself
For most, rehab is the second step in conquering stimulant addiction after detox. If you are unsure if you should get started on detox or rehab, call 732-629-9672 to consider your options.

How To Prepare For Stimulants Rehab At Evolve

Once we accept you as a patient, there are a couple actions you should perform prior to entering Evolve to help you feel more equipped as you begin your rehab program.
1. Make preparations for work and family obligations when you’re away. Our team can help you arrange time away from your employer. We have extensive knowledge about the requirements of FMLA and can work with your company's HR department.
2. Bring sufficient essentials for a minimum of ten days. We advise bringing relaxing clothes, hair care and personal items, and your favored books or magazines. You will enjoy access to laundry facilities during your rehab.
3. Find a way here. If you need safe transport, inform us, and we'll assist you with a ride to and from your home or the airport.
4.  Check out our Admissions page to learn what you can anticipate once you arrive.

How Long Will Stimulants Rehab Take In Toms River?

When you enroll with our stimulants rehab near Toms River, we treat you as a unique individual. We’re here for you for however long you require our support, so the length of your treatment plan is dependent on several elements like:
  • The level of your stimulant use 
  • Your physical health when you get here
  • Any underlying mental health conditions
  • Additional alcohol or drug rehab needs
  • How you respond to treatment
  • What your personalized care plan calls for
With these factors taken into account, we expect our patients to be in our care anywhere from 14 to 90 days. We will offer a better idea of what to expect after your evaluation once you get here.

What You Can Anticipate From Stimulants Rehab

When you come to our stimulants rehab center for Toms River, you can anticipate exceptional care for your mental and physical benefit. You'll enjoy a comfortable room and bed with well-balanced meals and snacks, not to mention access to stimulating recreational activities. If you are in need of support managing symptoms of withdrawal, our nursing staff is well-versed in determining a safe dose of medication to offer solace. For treatment, you will go to various types of therapy, contingent on your individualized treatment plan:
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • 12-step or SMART Recovery sessions
  • Personal therapy 
We utilize evidence-based therapy techniques to target the underlying reason behind stimulant use disorder and instruct you on positive coping devices to help you avoid relapsing. We’ll also encourage your family to participate in a minimum of one therapy session with you to figure out how they might assist you in recovery.

How We Maintain Your Safety During Stimulants Rehab Near Toms River

You’re in jeopardy of relapsing, even to a fatal degree, after completing stimulant detoxification. Evolve Recovery Center Toms River offers a secure place to rehab far from the external forces to consume drugs again after detox. When you’re here, you have the opportunity to keep focused on yourself and your substance use recovery in a encouraging atmosphere. We place a priority on safety with:

  • Personalized support for your particular needs
  • Modern, relaxing residential accommodations
  • Skilled medical care
  • Counseling for aftercare
  • Compassionate clinicians and support staff
  • Strict patient privacy and confidentiality guidelines

Get Treatment For Stimulant Addiction Now

If you or a family member need assistance quitting stimulants, Evolve Recovery Center Toms River has your solution. Place a call to 732-629-9672 or submit the following form, and a member of our staff will respond immediately. Irregardless of the hour or day, we are here for you.