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What To Expect In Alcohol And Drug Rehab near Toms River

Getting care at a residential rehab facility can sound intimidating whenever you’re not sure what to expect. Evolve Recovery Center Toms River strives to make everything easy and understandable to alleviate any unease. We know you’ll make more progress in your addiction recovery when you feel secure. Discover what to expect in our drug and alcohol rehab near Toms River.

How Is Rehab Different From Detox?

Countless people confuse drug and alcohol rehab with detox, but these forms of care are actually two distinct stages in the drug and alcohol recovery process.

Detox is typically the opening step in addiction recovery

Recovery can’t begin until the substance is no longer in your system. The preferred way to detox is in a medically directed detox center. This helps eliminate from your body dependence-causing substances while lessening harmful withdrawal symptoms. Generally speaking, detox:

  • Takes 3-10 days to flush out addictive alcohol or drugs from your body.
  • Depends on medical treatment to monitor your vital signs and mitigate withdrawal symptoms.
  • Gets you ready physically and mentally for the next step in recovery.

Inpatient Rehab Allows You To Develop Skills For Recovery

After the detoxification step you are able to move on to the next part of your recovery at a residential rehab. In a facility like Evolve Recovery Center Toms River, you will receive 24-hour assistance to move further away from drug or alcohol addiction. While staying at rehab, you will gain the psychological and cognitive skills needed for sobriety while your body heals from the substance use. As a general rule, rehab:

  • Takes a few weeks
  • Is a secure place to reside when you’re at the greatest risk of relapsing
  • Involves group support sessions, individual therapy, and family therapy
  • Uses prescriptions, like Suboxone or Vivitrol, to minimize cravings and withdrawal symptoms

What To Expect In Evolve’s Drug Rehab In Toms River

From the time you walk through our doors, you can expect top-notch support. At the beginning, you’ll undergo a personal examination to help us understand how drug use has impacted you, explore any co-occurring disorders, and how best to help you. Then our expert therapists use your evaluation to prescribe therapy techniques and medication to benefit you the most.

On a daily basis, you’ll participate in group and individual therapy sessions. In therapy, you will explore:

  • The root origins of your drug use
  • How co-occurring disorders influence substance use
  • Positive coping devices for addiction recovery and daily living
  • How to rebuild your interpersonal relationships
  • The ensuing stages after rehab

What To Expect In Evolve’s Alcohol Rehab Near Toms River

Alcohol rehab has the same procedure as drug rehab. When you enter our facility, we'll create a customized care plan crafted to help you progress to enduring recovery. This plan could incorporate the use of prescriptions to minimize compulsions to use and counseling for handling the psychological aspects of substance use.

A good portion of your care will include group, one-on-one, and family counseling. With knowledgeable therapists, you'll explore:

  • The core origins of alcohol use disorder
  • Dealing with mental illness that causes addiction
  • Beneficial coping methods
  • How to mend relationships and your life
  • Your next steps once you’re done with rehab

The goal is that you'll be equipped for the next phase of support with the basis of new skills and better mental health to help you remain sober. And while your aftercare plan might involve outpatient care, our counselors will also follow up periodically to make sure that you're still safe and thriving after rehab.

A Normal Day At Evolve Recovery Center

At Evolve, you’ll have a customized care plan and organized routine to ensure you receive all the assistance you need. While our counselors will adapt their therapy to your particular situation, each patient generally follows the same timetable. So you can expect a typical day at Evolve to be similar to the following:

  • Breakfast
  • Group therapy
  • Lunch
  • Mental health classes and life skills
  • SMART Recovery or 12-step meetings
  • Dinner
  • Relaxation time or group recreational events

Learn More About What To Expect In Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Toms River

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