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How To Treat Prescription Drug Addiction?

June 28, 2024

Even though they’re legally approved, some prescription drugs can be as addictive as illicit drugs. If you find yourself addicted to a prescription drug, you’ll need to get professional guidance to stop misusing it. Getting treatment for prescription drug addiction near Toms River might seem frightening at first, but having an idea of what to prepare for can lessen your concern. If you need help overcoming an addiction to a prescription drug, here’s what you should know about treatment.

Where You Should Go For Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

In the same manner a person would enter detox and rehabilitation for an addiction to alcohol or narcotics, these places provide guidance for prescription drug addiction near Toms River too. To commence treatment, turn to an authorized inpatient detox provider. The staff there will know how to help you navigate withdrawal while your system rids itself of the drug. Do not attempt to detox on your own. Withdrawal from drugs might include life-threatening symptoms. A detox facility will keep you protected and as comfortable as possible so you can complete detox.

Detoxing on its own isn’t enough to conquer prescription drug addiction. Your brain will still inform you that you should have those drugs. Residential drug rehab treatment centers offer a safe haven to focus on the following phase of recovery. A location like Evolve Recovery Center Toms River will continue treatment for lingering withdrawal symptoms and the mental side of addiction with established therapy. At Evolve Toms River, you stay for as long as it takes to feel stabilized enough to go back home.

You might find that even after rehab, you are in need of ongoing assistance to abstain from dependency-causing substances. Get assistance from a mental health provider who specializes in addiction treatment and utilize their programs for any amount of time you need. You are entitled to support from specialists who understand the specific obstacles of prescription drug addiction.

Ways To Get Ready For Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

There isn’t much you have to do prior to receiving treatment for prescription drug addiction near Toms River. Reach out to your chosen treatment center to discuss admissions and find a way to get there safely. Gather essential items for your residence there, including casual clothing and toiletries. Most of all, enter treatment knowing that you can conquer prescription drug addiction when you obtain compassionate, experienced care.

How Does Treatment For Prescription Drug Addiction Work?

Treatment for drug addiction has two parts: psychological and physiological. When you have a prescription drug dependence and suffer withdrawal when you halt use of the substance, you’ll initially have to detox and let your system flush out the drug. Throughout detox, clinicians will track your vital signs and provide medication and additional treatments to mitigate your withdrawal symptoms.

After detox is finished, you can progress to a rehab center. In rehab, you may continue to receive care for ongoing bodily symptoms. You could also get medication-assisted treatment. This uses prescribed medications to curb cravings and treat co-occurring mental conditions that played a role in your addiction.

Addiction is a mental disorder. You have greater odds of beating a prescription drug addiction through regular therapy. You could start therapy while in detox, but you should without question participate in counseling appointments while in rehab and in the future. Evolve allows you to examine the reasons behind your addiction and cultivate new coping mechanisms in

As you progress through recovery, you are able to continue with counseling and medication-assisted treatment for however long you need.

Get Help Quitting Addictive Prescription Drugs Near Toms River

You don’t need to suffer through a prescription drug addiction. Contact Evolve Recovery Center Toms River at 732-629-9672 or complete the form on this page to have a private discussion about addiction support. We answer quickly no matter the time, all year long. If you want help, call us now. We are here for you.